Gian + Yoki

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot of Gian & Yoki

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot of Gian & Yoki

Have you seen outdoor maternity photoshoot in the ArtBali Museum? Well, I bet you won’t see it quite often. Because most of them are not really welcome for any photo session in the museum. It could bother another visitors for sure.

Then what if I tell you: this motherhood photo session was entirely taken in Art Bali — ABBC Building. We could call it the first modern art museum in Bali. It’s closed recently due to the pandemic, but some people still hanging around just for a walk or taking a selfie.

Therefore, it’s a good time to take a snap outside the museum with Gian and Yoki for their first motherhood photo session.

The Mom and Dad to Be

Both of Gian and Yoki were my lovely friends for about 12 years now. As the old friends have to be, I’d like to give them something special. It’s a simple gift of their beautiful story in a form of photographs. Something that would last for a long time. So happy that I could create another work of art for their outdoor maternity photoshoot in ArtBali Museum.

We’ve been through in so many stories together. Whether it happy or sad. We’ve been travelled a lot since we were younger. And Yoki have the same photography hobby as mine too, back in 2011.  But unfortunately it was last for a few year before he decided to sell his camera gear.

Speaking of their maternity photoshoot, it’s the first time for them. Their little baby comes in 3-4 months after their marriage. What a beautiful chapter to begin with. Then these outdoor maternity photoshoot was carried out when her pregnancy was approaching 8 months. A perfect timing for the photoshoot.

A Modern & Minimalist Photo Spot

Actually it’s the first time I saw a minimalist and modern building like this one. My mind was blown up. I couldn’t be happier when I saw many lines and simple geometrical structures. It’s actually a heaven for my eyes. These beautiful building open many possibilities in term of making a great composition photographs. Just wonder if someday a small wedding celebration will be allowed here. It’s going to be great.

I found a lot of charming triangular corner meeting. So that I could make a lot of creative composition. The leading line is everywhere. It’s really engaging for our eyes.

The building has white colour all around its wall. It’s make whatever subject stand in front of it, they would popping out. I’d like to call it a super awesome backdrop especially for outdoor maternity photo session.

Moreover, the weather have an important role as well. The sky was clear and so blue that day. It create a magnificent colour harmony between the environment.

I was so thrilled, and here they are.

Art Bali museum Collage of minimalist photosOutdoor maternity photoshoot of Gian and Yoki outdoor maternity photoshoot in black and white ab bc building ab bc building outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot black and white outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshoot outdoor maternity photoshootoutdoor maternity photoshoot

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot — The Magic Tips

Finally we come to the end of this post. But before I go, I want to share some magic tips and trick of maternity photoshoot. It would be useful for the photographer and the client to be. Here they are.

  1. Choose your location wisely. For a minimalist look, you can go to the beach, savanna grass land, or find some building that have simple back drop.
  2. Play with the light. Whether it’s on a bright sunny day or mostly covered by the shadow. The first option, just make it as it is. Make it bright with thin shadow. I’d like to name it “the filmy look”. On the other hand, play with shadow. Put the couple on the bright side and keep the shadow as dark as possible. It help you to create some powerful moody image.
  3. I always look around for geometrical shape. It could be triangle, rectangle, circle, and any other else. Put the couple in the junction of those shape. Make some leading lines. It would be so fun.
  4. Get creative with your lens. I have a tilt adapter for CY lens mount along with Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4 Plannar T* on my Sony A7III body. It’s a powerful manual lens which has stunning wide open performance. It’s suitable for a very relaxing and no rush maternity photo session. Moreover, the manual focus give me freedom in shooting elopement video as well. Then find a good angle, tilt the adapter within the lens. Boom, you got a new perspective tilt effect with a bunch of creamy bokeh. I love it so much, and it was the cheapest option compare to buy the original tilt-shift lens.

Another Best Working Tricks

  1. Do you ever think about how to create fine art photography? For me it’s simple thing though. As I have manual lens which give me full control in focusing the object. So I try to shift the focus point a little. The couple looks a bit blurry but it still give some sort of emotion on the image. Moreover, you’ll get the bokeh that you usually see on medium format film camera.
  2. Are you curious how to making a good looking creamy bokeh? Please be careful in positioning the couple. This is the simple thing, not every background would give the same good bokeh. You have to carefully pick a lucrative background that have unique shape. Most of them I found in the big greenery tree. Try pointing to it, get the focus correct, then you’ll nailed it. The shallow deep of field and bokeh would make the outdoor maternity photo looks stunning, totally fine art.
  3. Prism is good too, have you try it? If you don’t, you could get on amazon. It take time to master, but when you do, you won’t regret it. One of my image up there was using prism. You could make ‘singularity’ effect with it. It would easily applied in the motherhood photo session
  4. The pregnant mom are prone to fatigue. So don’t ask them to walk too much during motherhood photo session. You could pick 2-3 close spot in the location to reduce the risk. Do a simple poses.
  5. Focus on details as well. In other to create a good and compelling story telling, shooting details is a must. You can look for anything around your location. It could be a bloomy flowers, the shape of shadow, some part of the building like you’ve seen up there, or even a colony of birds that going over the sky. It could be nice for instagram content and blogging for sure.

Final Words

That’s all I guess.

If you’re looking for more in depth discussion about outdoor maternity photoshoot in ArtBali Museum, please don’t hesitate to drop me some email. I’ll glad to share my experience to you. If you have a blog, then we could do a “dofollow” link exchange as well. I would be glad to hear from you. And If you’re a mom to be, don’t be hesitate to contact me and I’ll assist your inquiry further. We could discuss the concept and create amazing outdoor maternity photoshoot here in Bali.

See ya on my next blog post.

— Cheers.


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