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Bali Pre Wedding Location

Bali Pre-Wedding Location: 25 Best Spots in 2022

Bali Pre-Wedding Location: 25 Best Spots in 2022

As Bali pre-wedding photographer and videographer, We are always on the hunt for a gorgeous Bali pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot location that reflects the couple’s characteristics. What is the goal? We want to make the engagement images spot on, and look authentic to our clients.

In our previous post, we have the ultimate guide for your engagement photoshoot in Bali. You should read that one first if you missed it. Then now, we want to share a more comprehensive article about the guide for the best engagement spot in Bali.

pre wedding location in Mount Batur, Bali

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Bali Pre Wedding Photographer Point of View

There are many new pre-wedding locations discovered every year by travelers, Instagrammers, and pre-wedding photographers. It’s led to a whole new inspiration for a pre-wedding photography location in Bali as well. Nowadays, people are getting eager to experience a truly different and photogenic for their engagement spot in Bali.

Meanwhile, some well-known pre-wedding photography location is still amazing to get through. Its natural beauty lasts for a long time.

In addition, some people tend to fall in love with certain pre-wedding photography location. Especially for the foreigner who really dream to take their engagement photos in that location.

For example, the beautiful and exotic Batur Mountain landscape. It has now become one of the best signature engagement spots in Bali. There are many others as well, such as Tamblingan Lake, Melasti or Nyanyi Beach, and Tibumana Waterfall.

But sometimes, nature is just getting fragile. As the weather changed every time, that landscape’s beauty could fade because of natural processes.

We hope that local people will protect and keep our nature to be great.

The Inspiring Pre Wedding Location in Bali

So here they are. These are our top picks for a pre-wedding location in Bali.

In the hope that it would inspire you.

And of course, it will guide you in choosing the perfect one.

Beratan Lake: The Exotic Pre Prewedding Location in Bali

Beratan Lake is well known for its temple of water. The temple is really like floating on the lakefront of Beratan.

It’s called Ulun Danu Temple. Which belongs to the God of Wishnu, the symbol of the caretaker in the universe. Of course, it’s one of the best engagement spots in Bali.

The location of Beratan Lake is a mountainous area around the Bedugul district. Most importantly, the access is pretty easy. It’s on the side of the main road. You can barely see it on the way along Bedugul-Singaraja street.

So what are the things that make it a special location for your pre-wedding photoshoot in Bali? Surely because of the floating temple. It’s one of a kind in Bali.

Moreover, it also has a great landscape view. It’s where nature meets the Balinese culture at its finest. Then imagine the perfect sunrise with a blue sky over it. Well, as a Bali pre-wedding photographer, we call it morning glory.

Beratan Lake morning view Floating temple in Beratan Lake Bali pre wedding location in Beratan Lake Bali pre wedding location in Beratan Lake

Beratan Lake is suitable for any outfit. Even Balinese traditional costumes look great here.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Beratan Lake?

Well, the best timing would be at sunrise, around 6 am. We’re very sure about that. You’ll get the same suggestion even if you ask any pre-wedding photographer in Bali.

In addition, we need 1,5 to 2 hours of drive from Denpasar. So you have to be aware that you should start the makeup at approximately 2 am. In the hope that we could depart to the engagement spot at least at 4 am.

Too early? Yeah, quite literally so. But don’t worry, it’s worth the amazing pre-wedding photos that you’ll get.

What Outfit to Wear?

Oh, it seems like we got a piece of good news for you. You can use any outfit color, and it just looks great here whether you are wearing dresses or formal suits for the gentleman. Even some casual outfits are also great.

Just bring in all your best outfit collection. This is one of the most friendly engagement spot in Bali in terms of outfits.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

We know most of the iconic Bali pre-wedding photoshoot location comes with an entrance fee. But no worries, it’s worth all the beautiful things you’ll get here. The entrance fee at Beratan Lake is IDR 500.000. It includes the boat rent, which adds a dramatic feel to your engagement photos.

Tamblingan Lake: Misty Engagement Spot in Bali

It’s up north from our first Bali engagement spot, Beratan Lake. It’s around a 15-20 minutes drive from one spot to another.

Tamblingan lake is considered one of the greatest pre-wedding location photography in Bali. It’s located on the ancient plateau with great hills around it. Certainly, it’s one of the Bali pre-wedding photographer’s favorites spots.

Furthermore, there’s also another lake which is so close to Tamblingan lake. It’s side by side, and the hill is the only barrier between them. Some people say as a Twin lake.

You can see them from the upper side road just before you arrive. Those lakes are really like twins.

Tamblingan Lake itself has a magnificent view from all around it. It also has a cultural nuance. There’s a temple that looks like Beratan Lake, followed by classic traditional canoes docking on the lake’s edge. Those canoes are available for rent during the pre-wedding photoshoot here.

When you arrive at the Tamblingan Lake entrance, you’ll be amazed by gigantic rainforest trees along the alley. It also becomes a great sanctuary for your Bali pre-wedding photoshoot.

Bali pre wedding location in Tamblingan Lake Bali pre wedding location in Tamblingan Lake Bali pre wedding location in Tamblingan Lake Pre wedding spot in Tamblingan Forest

Photoshoot Options in Tamblingan Lake

We have a lot of photoshoot options here. First, we can go through the lake using canoes. If the weather’s good, we’ll get some morning mist above the lake surface, all along with warm sunlight reflecting on it.

This is the best moment we could have here. When the mist is lightened up, then you pass through on a canoe. Could you imagine how amazing is that one? What a top-notch pre-wedding location in Bali.

Then later, we could have some casual photoshoots around the lakefront, including in the temple area.

Last but not least, a little adventure around the rainforest. We usually pursue a moody portrait here. The darker forest color palette, the gigantic trees, and the light coming between them make it all great.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Tamblingan Lake?

Most likely, the best time to get the best pre-wedding photos here is at sunrise. Probably around 6 to 9 am when the lake is still enveloped in a cool, fresh atmosphere. You’ll see the fog slowly dissipate as the sunrise approached.

Similar to what we have mentioned earlier, everything has to be started so early in the morning. It takes around 2 hours to drive from Denpasar, and we have to depart at least at 4 am or earlier.

When the lake is still enveloped in a cool, fresh atmosphere, arrive as early as 6 a.m. to witness the fog slowly dissipate as the sunrise approached.

What Outfit to Wear?

In terms of attire, we recommend a semi-formal suit and light dress as long as you are comfortable and can move around with ease.

You can use any color palette as long as it is a bright and muted pastel. It should fit really well with this engagement photo spot in the north of Bali.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

Well, actually, you don’t need to pay any entrance fee here. But for the best experience, we suggest you rent traditional canoes. So you can go through the middle of the lake and get blended with the morning mist.

The price for two traditional canoes is IDR 700.000  (50 USD), one for the photographer and one for the client. A woman will assist you in paddling the canoe and transport you to the center of the lake, but don’t be worried; she is extremely professional.

Munduk Waterfall: Amazing Engagement Spot

Munduk waterfall is located close to Tamblingan Lake. It’s on the western side within a 10-15 minutes drive. Moreover, it has easy access. We only need to walk around 5 minutes from the parking area.

No steep trail like in the Banyumala waterfall. It’s relaxing to walk and takes just a little of your energy. So don’t worry, you won’t be exhausted during the photo session.

The waterfall itself is quite small and narrow. You can barely stand in front of the water flow. We can play safely around the waterfall with no worries.

On the other hand, it has the beauty we need for a great pre-wedding photography location in Bali.

Bali pre wedding location in Munduk Waterfall Bali pre wedding location in Munduk Waterfall Pre Wedding Portrait in Munduk Waterfall

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Munduk Waterfall?

Most of the waterfall landscape is covered by the shade of the forest around it. So there’s no time limitation for the best time to have the photo session here.

But usually, we come just after the sunrise photo session at Tamblingan lake. It should be starting from 9 to 10 am and last until you get tired 😀

What Outfit to Wear?

We recommend wearing a casual or lightweight outfit as the session will include several walks and movements.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

There’s a ticketing box before we enter the waterfall. It cost IDR 25.000 per person.

Banyumala Waterfall for the Adventurous Couple

It’s another waterfall close to Tamblingan Lake. Still, another great pre-wedding photoshoot location in Bali.

Banyumala waterfall has a wider waterfall landscape, with less water flow. However, we need more effort to go to the waterfall area. The pathways are steeper, a bit challenging, but have more adventurous vibes.

But it’s worth the effort because you’ll get the refreshing and calm vibes of adventure.

Well, all the detail of timing, outfit, and entrance fee are similar to Munduk Waterfall.

Bedugul Botanical Garden: Full of Greenery Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location

The Bedugul Botanical Garden is Bali’s largest artificial forest. We could smell the fresh, relaxing air as soon as we arrived. On an easy day trip from Denpasar, it’s about a 90-minute drive.

The Big Trees area is our favorite Bali pre-wedding photography location here. It creates a beautiful backdrop of greenery trees. There’s also another location that transports us to the forest. This one has a more chocolate color scheme.

If you’d like, we can also have a fun session along the garden’s road. It has a curly line all the way down and looks very photogenic.
Bedugul Botanical Garden is usually the second destination after a photo session at Tamblingan Lake.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Munduk Waterfall?

Morning 8 am – 11 am is the best time to shoot.

What Outfit to Wear?

You can wear your wedding gown here, or if you prefer, a more relaxed, casual look.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee is IDR 700.000 for a photoshoot ticket.

Sekumpul Waterfall: Magnificent Landscape for Engagement Spot in Bali

This twin waterfall is located approximately 40 minutes north of the lake. Sekumpul is for the adventurous; it’s a 15-minute walk down a rural path and steps. It’s one of the greatest waterfalls as a consideration for your Bali engagement spot options.

It is definitely worth visiting, as it is one of Bali’s bucket list waterfalls. A casual, lightweight outfit is highly recommended for this shoot. The best time to shoot here is around 8.30 a.m.

To shoot here is occasionally challenging in terms of timing; if we begin the morning session at Lake Tamblingan, we must finish at the lake around 8 a.m. to capture the best light.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Sekumpul Waterfall?

The best time to shoot is in the morning. Approximately around 8.30am – 10am.

What Outfit to Wear?

We recommend wearing casual or light-weight clothing as the session will include multiple walks and movements. You should also bring towels, as you will be drenched by the glistening waterfall dew that flies around.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee to have a photoshoot here is IDR 500.000

Nungnung Waterfall: For Couple Who Love Hike

This Bali pre-wedding photography location is located on the northern side of Badung regency. It’s about 1,5 hours drive from Denpasar.

Actually, it has easy access to the waterfall, but the effort is much needed here. We have to walk stairs along the way. It’s quite steep for sure, and we need to walk around 10-15 minutes to get into the waterfall.

It’s worth the magnificent view, though. The air is a bit colder here, with some fresh smell of water that sparks around the waterfall.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Nungnung Waterfall?

Since a canyon and forest cover the waterfall area, the sun’s light will not much affect the area. That means we could do the photo session at any time. But the best timing would be in the morning, around 8 am or at 3 pm.

What Outfit to Wear?

As you need to walk a little longer, make sure you’re wearing a light outfit. Probably light dresses or any casual outfit.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The regular entrance charge is 10,000 IDR (0.70 USD), while the pre-wedding fee is 250,000 IDR (18 USD).

Sangeh Monkey Forest: Dreamy and Cultural Pre Wedding Location

Sangeh monkey forest is well known for its kind and friendly monkey. A wonderful sanctuary located in northern Badung. It’s in one way within Nungnung waterfall. We need to drive 45 minutes to 1 hour to get here.

What we love is the mix of natural rain forest with Balinese culture. It creates a classical blend with religious vibes.

Ther’s also many photo spit here around the forest and temple. It gives us the freedom to explore all the beauty it provides.

The Pre Wedding couple was dancing in Sangeh Monkey Forest Bali Pre Wedding Location in Sangeh Monkey Forest

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Sangeh Monkey Forest?

The best timing for the photoshoot is in the morning as the forest feels fresher and calm. But we also could come here at noon or afternoon.

What Outfit to Wear?

Any dress with any color is perfect. No limitation.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee for couples who held pre-wedding photos is IDR 300.000.

Batur Mountain View: The Best Choice for Engagement Spot in Bali

There are no other locations in Bali that offer the same level of beauty, warmth, tranquillity, and proximity to nature as Mount Batur. Due to the mountain’s beauty of black volcanic rocks (black lava) and sand, I chose this place as one of the finest Bali prewedding or engagement sites.

But fear not, filming in Batur Volcano does not need you to ascend the mountain since we will be shooting in the volcano region.

Pre wedding spot in Batur Mountain View with the couple walking in the black lava kintamani kintamani prewedding kintamani prewedding Batur mountain view pre wedding location Engagement photo session in Batur Mountain view

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Batur Mountain View?

The best time to shoot here is at sunrise. It has the beauty of the most awesome light in the early morning. On the contrary, we don’t recommend you to have an engagement photo session at sunset time because the light goes flat, as the sun is blocked by the hills and mountains on the west side.

What Outfit to Wear?

You can wear any bright or white bridal gown would be a fantastic complement to the lava’s dark tint.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

Occasionally, residents or officials from the Banjar would request 250.000 IDR (18 USD) for a pre-wedding shoot; be sure to request an official receipt.

Pinggan Hill: Fantastic Engagement Spot

A tiny town named Pinggan Villages is located not far from the Batur Volcano. Pinggan Village or Pinggan sunrise location is located in Kintamani’s northern region, northwest of Mount Batur.

The village’s location on the other side of Mount Batur contributes to the village’s natural beauty. The combination of pine trees and a mountain backdrop enhances the beauty of the dawn location in Pinggan Village.

However, the other reason to visit this hamlet is for the dawn view from the village’s hill, the stunning beauty that has made this location a hunting ground for the majority of Bali photographers looking for the finest shot.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Pinggan Hill?

Well, most pre-wedding photography locations in Kintamani have the best shooting time in the early morning. The sunrise in the fine weather is beyond compare.

What Outfit to Wear?

Dress in one of your best ensembles; we will park directly in front of the photo location. So you won’t need to walk a lot. Even if you wear a heavier gown is fine here.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The landowner is seeking 300,000 IDR (20 USD) to conduct the photography on his property.

Tibumana Waterfall: For Moody and Minimalist Pre Wedding Location

Tibumana waterfall is a lovely hidden sanctuary located upstream of the much more popular Reng Reng falls. This waterfall, which locals mostly visit, is typically peaceful due to its 5-minute drive off the main road and subsequent 5- to 10-minute walk to the falls.

It has also become one of the favorite pre-wedding location in Bali for most Bali engagement photographers.

From the gates where the route winds through the bush, the entire region of Tibumana Waterfall is quite picturesque. Everything contributes to the Tibumana waterfall’s aesthetic splendor.

Due to the lack of crowds, you may strike several great postures without being bothered. As a result, an excessive number of couples chose to have a Bali elopement session with local officials. I’ve also done numerous elopement and proposal sessions in Bali.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Tibumana Waterfall?

The light will cross the waterfall around 10 am. We can start the photo session from earlier 9 am to 11 am. It’s an ideal spot for a pre-wedding photography location after an earlier photoshoot in the Kintamani neighborhood.

What Outfit to Wear?

Because the waterfall is so easily accessible, it will accommodate a wide variety of wardrobes.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

Entrance fee is 250,000 IDR (18 USD) for photoshoots and 20,000 IDR (1,5 USD) for regular visitor entry.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall: For a Great Adventure Pre Wedding

Tukad Cepung waterfall, located in Bangli Regency, is a hidden treasure that has recently gained popularity. We require a one-hour trip from Denpasar to reach the waterfall.

If you take a morning session in Batur, this waterfall is an excellent alternative to Tibumana Waterfall. From the parking area, it takes around 15 minutes to walk down to the waterfall.

After ascending some stairs, you’ll reach a riverbank surrounded by rocks and caverns, where you’ll need to wade through ankle-deep water to reach the waterfall. If we’re lucky, we’ll get a glimpse of sunrays breaking through the trees above the rocks.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Tukad Cepung Waterfall?

It’s my second spot after a photo session in Ubud or Kintamani. We could come here between 10 and 11 p.m. for the greatest illumination.

What Outfit to Wear?

Wear flip-flops, a mid-length dress, or short pants for males, as the cave is occasionally flooded during the rainy season.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee is Rp 20,000 per person (1.5 USD).

Tegalalang Rice Terrace: For Truly Bali Experience Engagement Spot

Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud is Bali’s most photographed location. This is the world-famous rice terrace that you’ve undoubtedly seen in every Instagram post and on several occasions on my blog.

Unlike some sites worldwide that tourists have ruined, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces remain an excellent location for your photography. Tegalalang Rice Terraces encapsulates Bali in a single picture, providing the subject with a lush green rice field and a gorgeous early morning sunray.

The ideal time to photograph at Tegalalang Rice Terraces is unquestionably in the morning. I understand how difficult it is for some individuals to wake up early! However, the illumination you obtain will be well worth the effort!

Not only are there fewer people here early, but it’s also considerably cooler at this time of day. My client constantly expresses gratitude for this.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Tegalalang Rice Terrace?

Shooting in Tegalalang Rice Terraces is best done early in the morning. I realize some folks hate getting up early, but the results will be worth it. We should come early because there are fewer people and it is cooler.

What Outfit to Wear?

The long flowing gowns in brilliant or pastel hues look stunning against the backdrop of the rice fields. Please avoid wearing heels as they may be unsafe owing to the tiny and muddy step.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

Typically, the ticket box opens at 8:00 a.m., and as previously stated, there will be no admission fees at this time. However, if the farmer demands a donation in exchange for using their fields for a photo session, please send a small sum of money, between 10,000 and 50,000 IDR (1-3 USD).

Campuhan Hill: Hike on Greenery Field

Located not far from Ubud’s center, there’s a view that you’d want to have in your garden. Campuhan Hill is located on the outskirts of Ubud, between two rivers that run parallel to the hill.

You may take in the fresh air, the lush thatch grass that lines the route, and the occasional misty fog in the morning. The best time to photograph here is between 6 and 8 a.m. since the early atmosphere and sunrise are fantastic before it becomes busy. Dress casually or in a light dress and comfortable shoes, as we will be walking quite a bit here.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Campuhan Hill?

I always attempt to begin the trek as close to daybreak as possible. The area is somewhat exposed to the sun and rapidly becomes hot. Begin between 6 and 7:30 a.m. to avoid excessive sweating.

What Outfit to Wear?

Both casual and formal attire are excellent here. So you just need to pick the best possible of your outfit.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

Thankfully, there’s no entrance fee here.

Ubud Temple: For A Legendary Balinese Experience

Another excellent pre-wedding or engagement site in Bali is located in the Ubud area. There are probably more Balinese temples on the island than there are Balinese households. Numerous Balinese temples in Ubud and around Bali are, in fact, shrines.

The number of religious compounds, on the other hand, may probably exceed 10,000. The population is dispersed throughout the island’s remote corners, from mountain and hilltop places to low-lying coastal districts.

While some Balinese temples are prominently located and easily accessible in Ubud, others in the surrounding villages of Tegalalang and Tampaksiring are buried behind mountain valleys, providing an element of mystique to your explorations in this cultural center of Bali.

Pura Samuhan Tiga, Pura Tirtha Empul, Pura Dalam Puri Ubud, Pura Dalam Tegalalantang, Pura Taman Saraswati, and Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu are just a few of the Balinese Temples in Ubud that are ideal for Bali prewedding sites.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Ubud Temple?

We frequently come here after the Tegallalang Rice Terraces session. It’s from 9 to 10 pm.

What Outfit to Wear?

If you do not intend to enter the temple, any formal attire is acceptable. However, if you intend to enter, you must wear a sarong (Balinese fabric).

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee to the interior temple is approximately 20,000 IDR (1,5 USD) per person, which includes sarong rental.

Blangsinga Waterfall: Close and Easy Access from the City

Blangsinga, also known as Tegenungan Waterfall, is one of my favorite waterfalls in Bali for a photoshoot. Depending on which area you pass through, this waterfall is called two different names. Personally, I like to enter Blangsinga Waterfall because there are fewer steps to climb.

There is also a clean restroom for changing clothes, which is very handy if you pack many outfits. The falls are simply a few minutes’ walks down the hill past the eateries, where you can take in the stunningly green valley vista with the flowing water as the focal point.

For photography entrance and drinks, the management charges 250,000 IDR (18 USD). The standard admission fee, without the photoshoot, is Rp 15,000 per person (1 USD).

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Blangsinga Waterfall?

The greatest time to photograph Blangsinga or Tegenungan Waterfall is in the morning, though not quite as early as the other location. Arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. to take advantage of the best lighting and avoid the crowds of Instagram waterfall chasers.

What Outfit to Wear?

It is not advisable to wear heels and keep in mind that the waterfall is accessible through steep stairs. You can wear a lightweight dress or any semi-formal outfit.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The management charges 250,000 IDR (18 USD) for the admission fee and beverage during the photoshoot. Regular admission without a photoshoot is Rp 15,000 per person (1 USD).

Nyanyi Beach: The Most Favorite Beach to Date for Engagement Spot in Bali

Sunset on the west coast with vast black sand down the beach, this location is significantly less touristic than the other beaches in the region. It takes only 45 – 60 minutes, depending on traffic, as we’ll be passing down Canggu road, which is notorious for its gridlock.

The beach is typically where we close our session; if you’re a fan of black sand beaches and live in or around Canggu or Seminyak, we recommend Nyanyi or Mengening as the last destination. Wear whatever you choose to enjoy the warm sun while running or playing with your sweetheart.

Engagement photos sessions in Nyanyi Beach are so relaxing. It’s really great for some of you who love to play around and have some fun during the session.

Bali Engagement Spot in Nyanyi Beach that created using prism Engagement photos in Nyanyi Beach Engagement photos in Nyanyi Beach

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Nyanyi Beach?

As the sun is still high at 4 pm, the best time possible would be at 4.30 pm until the sun goes down. The western sky here looks magical during the blue hours.

What Outfit to Wear?

For the outfit, we suggest a casual or light, flowy dress.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

In the recent update, the local government has changed the rule of photoshoot fees here. Now they charge IDR 300.000 for any photo or video session.

Mengening Beach: For Beautiful Black Sanded Beach

Mengening beach is a gorgeous black sand beach in Canggu Village that features a breathtaking cliff-top sunset. Apart from its dramatic appearance, black sand reflects light magnificently. The beach is generally calm and uncrowded, which is why I chose it as one of the top Bali pre-wedding photography location.

What to Wear: Choose one of your favorite clothes, strip down to your underwear, and enjoy the cold sand!

Entrance Fees: There are none!

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Mengening Beach?

Mengening beach is breathtaking at sunset. Because the weather in this area varies rapidly, it is usually prudent to check the wave forecast in advance. Keep an eye out for occasionally surprising waves, especially if the photoshoot takes place near water. The wind is howling here, but I enjoy it because it adds a lot of movement to the images.

What Outfit to Wear?

Dress in your favorite clothes, go barefoot, and enjoy the cool black sand.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

There’s no entrance fee at first. But the local’s government ask for IDR 250.000 entrance fee as more people are going here for pre-wedding photography location.

Pasut Beach: For an Adventure Vibes like in Hawai

Are you looking for Bali’s famous black sand beach? Pasut Beach is the name. Surrounded by hundreds of palm trees, including one truly one-of-a-kind specimen.

Numerous residents and tourists flock to Pasut Beach to ride their bikes up and down the unusual black sand beach.

Additionally, an unusually shaped palm tree has garnered widespread attention, and owing to social media, Pasut Beach has become a must-see site for visitors visiting Bali.

Therefore, Pasut Beach become one of our favorite pre-wedding photography location.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Pasut Beach?

The beachfront faces the south side of Bali. The sunset will be in the southwest. So the ideal time to have a photoshoot here is around 4 am until the sun is fully down.

We could explore the coconut trees area while waiting for the sun to go a bit down. Then later we do the rest on the beach.

What Outfit to Wear?

You can wear any outfit here. Probably the casual is the most relaxing. Even some local Bali photographers are taking some traditional costumes here as well. Any outfit will be great in general.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

There’s no fee at the moment. Hopefully, it stays so last longer.

Pigstone Beach: Hidden Gems at the Western Side

The drive to Pigstone Beach will take you by magnificent rice fields, rural villages, and modest temples, giving you a flavor of what Canggu used to be like before the big flood of tourism and infrastructures. It’s a relatively new spot for the engagement photo sessions in Bali.

Pigstone Beach is a remote black sand beach that is wild and unspoiled. At Pigstone Beach Bali, there is an uncrowded left-hand surf break in front of the palm tree hill best ridden at mid to high tide.

What we love here from an engagement photographer’s eyes is the slopping beach land. Also, a rather calm wave makes the beach landscape really give a minimalist feel to the photos.

Pigstone Beach is a closer option to Pasut Beach, which is located more to the west.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Pigstone Beach?

It is quite literally the same as Pasut Beach. The best timing is in the afternoon, around 4 pm to sunset.

What Outfit to Wear?

Well, any outfit will look great. The location is friendly enough if you wish to use any heavier dress here.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

Thank God it’s still free for now.

Seseh Rice Paddies: A Close Alternative to Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Probably most people won’t notice very well to find this location. It’s actually on the side road at the rice paddies area in Seseh. Of course, there are many other rice paddies, but this one is much different.

The landscape of the rice paddies is quite slopping, with a small temple and solo tree inside. These are the marker of this engagement spot in Seseh, Bali.

The tree and small temple give some natural and classic Balinese feel, while the rice paddies add more color and depth.

Bali pre wedding location in Seseh Rice Field The couple were having fun in Seseh Rice Field during their engagement session

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Seseh Rice Paddies?

The best timing would be best in the afternoon just before we go to the beach. A little bit hot, it’s worth the blue sky meets the greenery of the rice paddies. At 3 or 4 pm would be great.

What Outfit to Wear?

Any light, airy, and muted color outfit will work fine. We need to walk on the rice field. Make sure to borrow your flat shoes.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

There’s no entrance fee to take a photoshoot here.

Melasti Beach: For Magnificent Canyon and Sunset

Melasti Beach is one of our favorite. It has much reason to come by over and over. Firstly, there are some artificial cliffs around the beach. It stands high around 20-30 m, giving the pre-wedding photographs a sense of scale.

The white sand beach is so nice. It’s better when the tide is a little lower. We can play around the beach without hassle. It is also perfect for outdoor maternity photoshoots.

Some people rent their unique vehicles like VW combi and the other classic car. In case you need it for the engagement photo properties.

Perhaps this is the most complete package for your pre-wedding photography location in Bali during sunset.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Melasti Beach?

Well, the best timing here would be at sunset as the last destination of your pre-wedding photography photoshoot location in Bali. But we also can have some photo sessions in the morning, at sunrise. Thankfully the beach is facing to the south. So we got both sunrise and sunset.

What Outfit to Wear?

You can wear all of your favorite dresses here. There’s no limitation as long as it is easy to move around.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

As it has become one of Bali’s famous pre-wedding photography photoshoot location, the entrance fee is quite high. They will charge you IDR 500.000 for the photo session fee.

Canggu Beach: For Couple who Love to Chill Around

Canggu Beach is sometimes overlooked when it comes to pre-wedding photography photoshoot location in Bali. Why? Because most couples prefer beaches on the western side, such as Nyayi and Pasut Beach, or to the south, such as Melasti Beach.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but Canggu Beach has its own exotism to discover. The beaches include a mix of white and dark sand. Its undulating terrain makes it easy to go about in any of your favorite clothes. It’s such a great engagement spot.

The reflection on the beach surface is what we like best here. The reflective surface above the wave comes to life as the wave fades, which is excellent for photographs. Furthermore, it offers a minimalist feel. Probably these beach engagement photos in Canggu Beach and proposal engagement photo sessions in Cafe del Mar will tell you all.

Bali pre wedding location in Canggu Beach pre wedding portrait in Canggu Beach with street gravity as the background Bali pre wedding location in Canggu Beach in Black and White Couple having back to back pose in Canggu Beach at sunset

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Canggu Beach?

Absolutely, the best timing would be from 4 pm onwards until the sun goes down. While you still have a chance to do it in the morning. In case you’re planning on an early intimate photoshoot near your villa or hotels in Canggu.

What Outfit to Wear?

Every dress, gown, and casual outfit would look best here.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

It’s absolutely free. But oh I forgot, you have only to pay the parking fee, which is really cheap.

Balangan Beach: A Wonderful Nature Engagement Spot

Balangan Beach is a famous pre-wedding photography location because it is one of the most accessible beaches in the Bukit Jimbaran area. Its cliff-top location affords breathtaking ocean views. It makes a picture-perfect setting, especially around sunset when the sky burns red.

Surfers invaded the water below during the high tide in their pursuit of legendary waves. It is lyrical and translucent, providing a unique experience in comparison to the other beaches.

But what makes it stand out is the cliffside. It’s one of the favorite elopement and pre-wedding photography locations in Bali. The blue ocean blend very well with the blue sky.

It becomes a wonderful backdrop combination, especially at sunset. It’s the reason why most people from all around the world hold their wedding on Balangan cliff.

Moreover, its white sandy beach also has another beauty. Put any color of your dress or outfit. It just blends really well.

Before you decide to go here, you should check the tide chart. Why? Because the wave could hit you hard when the tide is high.

Balangan Beach vibes from above the cliff Bali Wedding Photographer and Videographer on Balangan cliff wedding photo tour Pre wedding location in Balangan Beach at sunset

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Balangan Beach?

Well, I bet you know this very well, no? Sure you did, you’re right. Everything from 4 pm to sunset is great here.

What Outfit to Wear?

You can wear any dress, outfit, or even gown, with any color as well.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

The management here will charge you IDR 500.000 for the photoshoot.

Nusa Penida: Greatest Remote Island Landscape

Nusa Penida is quickly becoming a favorite destination for pre-wedding photography location in Bali. This island features crystal blue waters and immaculate white-sand beaches. Additionally, the island is breathtaking in its natural rocky beauty and boasts an incredible underwater life filled with vibrant corals.

There are numerous photo opportunities here, whether it’s the iconic T-Rex cliff or the beaches of Kelingking, Diamond, or Broken. In comparison to Lembongan, one of the other photo places is quite a distance away, so plan on spending more time on the island if you wish to explore the entire area. Due to the island’s amazing panoramic views, this is one of the top Bali pre-wedding or engagement venues.

What is the Best Photoshoot Timing in Nusa Penida?

It might be either sunrise or sunset. However, please be aware that you must stay on the island for one night to enjoy the perfect sunrise or sunset due to the boat’s limited schedule.

What Outfit to Wear?

The casual appearance is preferred here because most locations need a 10-15 minute walk, with some stairs.

How Much is the Entrance Fee?

There is no entry charge for the photoshoot. The return boat ride costs IDR 300,000 (USD 20).

Which are the Best Location for your Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Bali?

It would be hard to pick two or three for your pre-wedding photography location in Bali. But we suggest picking it based on the categories. So here’s the example. If you’d like to go for a full day pre-wedding photoshoot, you could pick one mountain view, the waterfall then the beach as the last pre-wedding location in Bali.

Here’s the reason. Mountains landscape is perfect in the morning, wherever it is.

The second location, which has modest light situations usually goes to the waterfall spot. Waterfall in Munduk, Banyumala, Tukad Cepung, and Tibumana Waterfall are those which have good lighting and shade at noon.

The last mostly go to the beach area. As the sun goes lower, then set into the west. It’s really perfect for pre-wedding photography location.

As simple as that.

In case you need further assistance in choosing the perfect location, please let us know.

Bali Engagement Spot: The Conclusion

We’ve been through most of the pre-wedding location in Bali. Of course, there are many considerations to think about. All we want is the greatest engagement photography for your awesome experience here in Bali.

We are always ready to accompany and witness your once-in-a-lifetime moment. We love adventure as well. So if you need more technical guides to pick the best engagement spot in Bali, just keep in touch with us.

For further engagement photo session assistance, you can contact us here. Or perhaps if you are willing to explore our blog and portfolio pages, We’ll be so happy too.



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