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Balangan Beach: Still a Vascinating Engagement Spot During the Pandemic

Balangan Beach: Still a Vascinating Engagement Spot During the Pandemic

Last month, I decide to take back my camera on and went to Balangan Beach. I miss all of its beauty like the cliff, the wave, the sunset, and even the crowd. It’s been a while since the last time I visit this amazing coast. The ambience never really change, still like used to. It’s never ceases to amaze me.

So that’s why my burning desire are up to the sky. I feel the great visual is just waiting in front of me. And a lot of excitement for sure. It was something that I’ve missed for a long time.
The vibe of an adventure.

The Journey

This fun journey was an idea of my friend, Fadhlil. He’s a travel photography enthusiast who comes from Kupang, NTT. Moreover, one of his favourite photo spot is here at Balangan. He knows this place more than anyone else. As he used to work as assistant with Chinese photographer. Which they often come here for photo shoots at sunset. He’s the guide here, who knows every great photo spot to capture with.

Actually, there is one more friend who came with me on this adventure. He is Krisnantara, a pharmacist who also loves to taking great pictures. I met him for the first time while traveling together to Bromo, back in 2016. We’re also in the same photography community at Instanusantara Bali. It just like a homecoming for us. Finally met on unintended journey to Balangan Beach.

We departed from Denpasar around 3.30 pm on that day. It’s seems to be little bit late, considering the travel time is more than one hour from Denpasar. But we were so lucky though. By the time we arrived, the sun was still high and shining quite hot. The sky was so blue and gorgeous as well. I love it so so much.

Then here we goes…

Balangan Beach aerial view Balangan Beach cliff view Balangan cliff view Balangan ocean wide view Balangan Beach from above in black and white Cliff rocks from aerial view Mural art work on the side cliff People fishing in the cliff side Two people waiting the sunset in the cliff side Balangan Beach vibes Swirly bokeh of the beach water Cliff in the shadow Balangan Beach vibesCouple enjoy the vibes in the cliff view A low angle portrait from a rocks view Shining rocks during the afternoon at the Beach Visitors taking portrait with blue sky background Balangan Beach vibes moments Balangan Beach very crowded with many people Enjoy the Balangan Beach vibes Kids playing in Balangan Beach Balangan Beach vibes Balangan Beach vibesBalangan Beach vibes Balangan Beach vibes Balangan Beach vibes A people was wiped up by the wave Friends taking a bath in the Balangan Beach Balangan Beach vibes The wave ripple of couple in the beach sands Balangan Beach vibes Balangan Beach vibes Some people enjoy Balangan Beach vibes at sunsetDog playing on wave in Balangan Beach Balangan Beach vibes Balangan Beach vibes A surfer come back from surfing at Balangan Beach vibes Sunset and surfer going back home Kids playing with mini surfing board A surfer walk home in Balangan Beach A surfer walk behind a visitor that enjoying the beach Dogs playing with their master Footstep in the beach sand

The tilt effect was captured using Zeiss Pancolar 50mm f1.8 with tilt adapter in my Sony A7 III

On this occasion I used an old Zeiss 50mm lens with Sony 28mm. Such a sweet combination to get both wide and close shoots. I usually use it to shoot elopement video.

The Street Approach

So, how do I take the photographs?

Maybe you have those question in mind. Then the answer would be the street photography approach. I really want to improve my street photography skill in recent day. So I try to train my eyes to get used to it.

As street photography is a bit tricky for me, so I need more time to master the skill. It’s all about timing, composing the frame, and being on the right place on the right time. You have to be able to read the dynamic moment in all around you. As well as your vision need to be critical.

When I arrived, I walk in to all possible spots. Then I let my brain work.

First, I see the people movement around me. I figure it out If I could find some good composition or not. If it does,  I will wait until the perfect moment comes in. So I have to tell you that patience is the key.

Second, If I couldn’t find any good composition, I will stick to find the best moment of people doing their own things. I feel it was forgiving when I didn’t get a proper framing, as long as I get the perfect moment.

One tips that I could give to you is trust your own instinct.

The Cinematography

Oh please don’t close the browser tab just yet. I have one more great thing to you.

Instead of just taking photos, I also take some footages during my journey to Balangan Beach. Here they are…

I hope you’ll enjoy it so much.
Don’t forget to drop your thought in the comment. So I know that perhaps my journal work deserve two thumbs, no? *Lol

— Cheers

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