Elopement Wedding Video in Alila Ubud

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Elopement Wedding Video in Alila Ubud

Elopement Wedding Video in Alila Ubud — Lovely Chris & Lucy

Elopement Wedding Video in Alila Ubud — Lovely Chris & Lucy

Here’s our latest work from Chris and Lucy’s elopement wedding video in Alila Ubud, Bali. They were escaping from the ordinary to choose a simple, intimate wedding as a declaration of their union. In which there are no guest and even their family. As the videographer, We were very grateful to witness their beautiful elopement in Ubud.

It’s only Chris, Lucy, the celebrant, and perhaps us, as the additional witnesses to document their wonderful wedding celebration.

In case you’re not familiar with the phrase “Elopement Wedding Video” just yet, here are some brief short of story about it. Just be sure to read it out before you enjoy the beautiful intimate wedding cinematography 😀

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What is an Elopement Wedding?

Firstly, let us take you to imagine the real wedding. It’s huge celebrations, filled with seating charts, cake tastings, and everything in between. Moreover, a lot of guests, cocktails party, a great dinner with a lot of speeches from the guest, and so on.

Elopement wedding video in Ubud
The Elopement Wedding Kiss

There’s only a couple with a celebrant on a mountain high, side of the cliff, or just on a beachfront area in this intimate wedding cinematography. No much decor, perhaps only simple tiny flowers around. It’s as simple as a banana.
As mentioned in Simply Eloped, the elopement wedding is…

An elopement wedding is typically thought of as running away without telling friends or family, but that definition has changed over time. Now, an elopement wedding means that you are tying the knot and celebrating with just yourselves or a small gathering in a minimal, more casual fashion.

Elopement Wedding Video

So here they are, the wonderful romantic elopement wedding video. It’s slightly on a darker tone, moody, and yes, it’s cinematic. May you have great joy on it. 😀

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If you have any questions about this elopement wedding video in Ubud, please don’t hesitate. Just write it in the comment below. We’ll be so glad to have a great discussion about the elopement videographer in Ubud with you.



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