Couple Anniversary Video in Seminyak — Agung + Cahya

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Couple Anniversary Video in Seminyak — Agung + Cahya

Couple Anniversary Video of Agung & Cahya

Couple Anniversary Video of Agung & Cahya

This couple anniversary video is dedicated to my beloved friend Agung & Cahya. The videography session is taking place in a minimalist tropical villa in Seminyak. It’s on Happy Together Villa.

These lovebirds were fighting for a long-distance relationship. Agung is working in the northern part of Makassar as an employee in one state-owned enterprise company. And he also loves to do some videography work. Whilst Cahya stays here in Bali as a banker.

They do have a lot of struggles as a couple. They long for each other, and they have to hold a strong desire to face one another.

But even they’re apart. Their feeling never fades to each other. As you can see in this lovebird’s memorial cinematography, how well they embrace the heartfelt feeling. It’s so deep, indeed.

Couple Anniversary Video

Throwback the Couple Story

It’s been a while since the first time I met them for a casual photoshoot back in February 2016. Actually, they were introduced by my friend for a couple of model shootings. Yes, that day, I need a couple to do some photoshoots for testing my new Nikon D750. So I picked them up.

Then after 4 years gone, we finally met again for their 4th couple anniversary video project.

It felt so nostalgic. I feel like I met them a few days ago. The time flies so quickly.

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Couple Anniversary Photo Back in the Day

Additionally, here are some of their couple photo that I took it 4 years ago. We choose to hold it on the beach near where I stay.

We had an obvious sky that day. The sunshine was so bright and wonderful. The sky was filled with so much blue.

They and I love it so much.

Multiple wave on the beach with blue haze colour Couple anniversary video A portrait of couple's foot Couple anniversary video Couple anniversary video Black and white portrait Couple anniversary video Couple anniversary video Couple anniversary video and photo during the sunset Couple anniversary video Couple anniversary video and photo in double exposure

The Lovebirds Memorial Cinematography — Final words

To know every lovebird’s love story is a plus. Our attention is to draw and develop the story into some magnificent visual, both in photo and video. Then It becomes the key to making a really soulful and heartwarming visual.

I’m so glad. I’ve got so much new inspiration from them. It’s that the more you feel it. The more you could translate it into a great for both photography and cinematography work, especially for engagement projects.

Because for me, embracing the feeling is the most important factor in delivering the message to the client.

And before you leave, don’t forget to check our comprehensive Bali Engagement Photographer Guide for Couple Session here. In case you need it 😀



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