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Bali Elopement Videography — Alissia & Artem

Bali Elopement Videography — Alissia & Artem

It’s been a while since the last time we shooting a wedding for overseas couple. Then our passion as one of the best Bali videographer is back. It’s finally happen when we shooting our first Bali elopement videography since the pandemic begin last year.

They are Alissia and Artem, a lovebirds from Europe. They made a breakthrough trip to Bali using business visa only for one dream wedding that they’ve been dreamed for a long time. Thankfully they choose us for their intimate wedding cinematography.

The elopement wedding held in Bloo Lagoon Eco Village Bali. The location is in the upper side of Padang Bai harbour, along side Bloo Lagoon beach. A sweet and beautiful view villa. You’ll see mount Agung in between hills and the ocean as the foreground. I could say that this is one of the best resort with the best view in Bali.

Unfortunately, rain was falling during the wedding. So finally they opt for a second plan on the semi indoor places. Even though the rain wasn’t ruin any of their happiness. It’s still their most beautiful day in life.

Bali Elopement Videography

Well, after you watch the entire cinematic video, what do you think then? Is that so beautiful? Even it’s raining on the wedding day. But we still get some luck, Thanks God. When the elopement wedding ceremony end, the gloomy sky goes by a bit. The mount Agung looks very clear from the Bloo Lagoon top view.

So one last chance before we finish the videography session, I ask them to going upper from the pool area. They stand in between the top plantation garden. No much staging here, as they were enjoying the ambience so much. I don’t want to interrupt it. A cheers and long kisses would make it stand out.

Shooting with Small Team

Because it just a small and very intimate wedding cinematography session, so I decide to bring my small team into this wedding. There’s only me as main videographer and my second shooter which at the same time becomes my assistant. I cover the shoot almost in the whole part. Except in the ceremony, I can’t stand just by my self because I need a few shoot from different point of view.

The wedding was going very quick. Some moment just happen in a blink of an eye. But thankfully we can handle it very well.

As the final words. I hope you’ll enjoy our latest intimate wedding cinematography work. Don’t forget to check another awesomeness in my photography and videography blog. You’ll find the best videographer portfolio in Bali.

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