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Beach Maternity Photography — Melisa & Rodgers

It’s about beach maternity photography of Melisa & Rodgers family from Hongkong. Turning the second pregnancy of Melisa, they decided to have vacation to this beautiful island. Of course the main purpose of them is to enjoy amazing vacation, alongside the maternity photo of her pregnancy as well. 

Melisa was found us on instagram and thankfully she just fallen in love with our work. She love our style and the way we convey the mood inside our pictures. As she also mention that photojournalism is better way to capture the moment and feeling compared to static staging photos. Yes! and we were so excited to welcoming them, the client that know really well our style and falling in love with it. It’s the key point of how making maternity photography become great and of course with many story telling inside it.

Please take a look at their beautiful pictures in Double Six Beach, Seminyak — Bali.

— Cheers, wynprmn.

potato head's front gate in seminyak bali beach maternity photography of melisa and rodgers family from hongkong beach maternity photography with the first son hanging on daddy's hands beach maternity photography of a happy family beach maternity photography of the curious baby pointing to the blue sky beach maternity photography portrait of mom and dad beach maternity photography when daddy kiss mom's belly beach maternity photography of mommy holding up her son up to the sky beach maternity photography of baby playing with the wave beach maternity photography of mommy dan daddy kissing their lovely son

beach maternity photography of small family playing alongside the wave and sand
Beach maternity photography of Melisa and Rodgers with their baby son in Double Six Beach, Bali.

beach maternity photography portrait of mommy and the baby bump

beach maternity photography of mommy silhouette in black and white
Beach maternity photography portrait of Mom’s Belly highlighted by the sunset light at Double Six Beach, Bali

beach maternity photography beach maternity photography portrait of sexy mom with bikini beach maternity photography of mommy and her son

As our back bone is to record and tell a story of the couple of the maternity — through a compelling visual with a film look photo journalism style. It’s so important because we’re all know story matter the most. Photos will last as the beautiful things we always remember. The way both mommy and daddy hold Mom’s belly. They way they look each other so intensely. The way they kiss and hold the baby bump. More of an enthusiasm to welcome the baby. It will be the magical moment of their entire life, especially when it held in beautiful island of Bali.

As we provide Bali maternity photography service, we think that both photo and film are the strong medium to your time machine. It hold the precious moment that would last in your entire life. Someday after few years and over decades, you’ll smiling or even crying when you saw again all the memories. Your children, grandchildren will see how romantic their parents are.

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