Bali Photography Pricing and Packages Guide

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Bali Photography Pricing and Packages Guide

Bali Photography Pricing and Packages

Bali Photography Pricing and Packages

Well, price and packages are the most common things that every people look for in engagement or wedding photography session in Bali. That’s why We have created a comprehensive Bali photography pricing and packages guide for your need.

We really understand that most of you are looking for one thing.

It’s about finding the best photo and video service with the best price as well. Therefore, you are on the right way.

Let’s dive into each photography category.

Bali Photography Pricing and Packages Guide

Bali Wedding Photography Pricing & Packages

Our regular packages for weddings are available in coverage lengths of 4, 8, and 12 hours.

The wedding photography package is starting from IDR 6.500.000 for 4 hours.

It depends on your photography needs, We are very open to any pricing and packages customization.

All of our wedding packages include two photographers, timetable direction, an online gallery of high-resolution files, all images, and a customized USB drive. Turnaround time is six weeks.

Our fine art wedding album may be added to any of our packages at the time of booking or afterward.

If you need more guidance for your wedding session, please refer to Bali Wedding Photography: Ultimate Guide. You won’t regret it.

Bali Engagement Photo Session Package

An engagement, proposal, and couple session are a photo session that may be done at any time. Surely before your wedding day. It also helps you to get used to the camera or simply to have memories from your amazing moment in Bali.

Moreover, this package also applied for honeymoon photo session.

Bali couple session photography pricing and packages start at 2 hours and go up to a half-day and a full day.

The engagement, proposal, couple session and honeymoon photography package is starting from IDR 3.000.000 for two hours.

All couple sessions include transportation to and from the site, as well as clothing and location assistance.

A makeup and hairstylist is also on hand.

FYI, please take a look at our Bali Engagement Photographer: The Ultimate Guide for Couples for in-depth guidance. Then move to Bali Pre-Wedding Location for a comprehensive engagement locations guide.

Bali Photography Pricing and Packages Guide

Bali Family Photo Package

Bali family sessions are a timeless value that will let you journey back in time. It reminds you of what matters and how swiftly time passes. Moreover, it’s to enjoy the moments you have during your vacation in Bali.

We provide a few pricing and packages for Family photography sessions in Bali. They are available in one-hour, two-hour, and half-day increments.

The family photography package is starting from IDR 1.500.000 for one hour.

Bali Maternity Photo Package

Pregnancy is a journey filled with pleasure and excitement—as well as sickness, fear, and “I can’t see my toooeeess”.

But it’s all part of the life experience. It’s something you want to remember for the rest of your life—hence the maternity photographs really matter.

Because the moms would be prone to fatigue during the maternity photo session, We only provide 2 hours of package.

The maternity photography package is starting from IDR 2.500.000 for two hours of sessions.

It’s the sweet spot for moms. We’ll get enough great photos, while it won’t tire the moms.

Furthermore, you can take a look at our maternity photography portfolio. Those are outdoor maternity photoshoots, and blissful maternity photography in Ubud.

Destination Wedding/Engagement Photography Packages

We travel all over the world to photograph every emotion of the lovebirds. It’s our pleasure to go further and see new amazing places.

The destination wedding/engagement photography package is starting from IDR 15.000.000 and it depend on the circumstance.

Please let us know if you are planning a destination wedding outside of Bali. So then We can develop a special photography price and package for you.

By the way, all the destination engagement and wedding packages include our travel fee. So you don’t need to buy us the ticket. Unless, you want it so, Lol.

Bali Photography Pricing and Packages Guide

Bali Photography Pricing and Packages: Final Words

So, that’s all of our pricing and packages for the photography session in Bali. In case you need further assistance or ask for a special price, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can easily email us your need, then We’ll arrange it all for you.



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