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We are Agra Photo & Film

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Tchetra Sese bali prewedding

Hey Lovebirds — 

We think that both photo and film are a medium to your time machine. It’s hold the precious moment that would last in a whole of your entire life, and we’re ready for it, for you as well 🙂

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Our Story

AGRA, we are a small team consist of talented person. Our basic is to serve the best photo and video creation experience. We are Bali wedding photographer, and videographer as well. Our back bone is to record and tell a story of the couple through a compelling visual with a film look photo journalism style. It’s so important because we’re all know story matter the most. Photo and video will last as the beautiful things we always remember. The way both couple share their romantic story. They way they look each other so intensely. The way they kiss and dance and party all over the night. It will be the magical moment of their entire life, especially when it held in beautiful island of Bali.


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Wayan Parmana

Wayan Parmana


We enjoy shooting wedding so much. We become the witness of the lovebirds from start to finish. And we are ready for all the things happen beneath.


Engagement session is an adventure. As we love to travel all around over the great Bali most iconic landscape, we’re ready to serve you up to get some fun with it.

Film — Cinema

Moreover, we also provide videography service for you, for both wedding and engagement. Get the most cinematic video in all around Bali epic landscape, with drone support.


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