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Blog directory partner is a page dedicated to serving useful links to another source. Most of them are blog directory websites.

Our goal is to reach a higher-level blog ranking in Google SERP. It’s very important because we want more traffic that leads to conversion.

Then some of the blog directory partners demand a true backlink as the key to verifying the submission. Well, If we luck. We’ll get many benefits from it. Such as more authority to our site or Bali wedding photography blog. It’s so fun, isn’t it?

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To enhance our blog, we have chosen some of the directory partners that sound promising. Some of the criteria are having an old domain and powerful domain authority. This is something that we love to hear about. Because the higher the domain authority, the better.

Our web will get some metrics to increase SEO backlink performance. Though you can buy some backlinks, this blog submission is the cheapest way to improve our backlink.

But the downside of blog directory partner submission is that they do not offer free services like they used to. Most of them are having us pay a few bucks per month. It’s become a disappointment. We have to pull our money from the bank and make that lots of link-building strategy.

We hope that we gather together as the webmaster admin blog. To keep believing in faith. We could do better link-building partners in the future, we gather webmasters all around the world to build a community that helps each other to grow the blogs.

As a Bali wedding videographer or engagement photographer, even maternity photo session. We should notice this as an important factor of success. Keep fighting for what we’re dreaming for. Because doing some digital marketing is quite tough.

And if you want to join my blog directory, please don’t be hesitate. Just send me an email. If you find some error, please just let me know.

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